Combo Deals

Everyone out there who likes getting more for less raise your hand. You are exactly who we had in mind when we created combo meals. Those of us who like saving money while heading out the door with more. Combo meals are available throughout Campus Dining venues, making it easy to save 25 percent while quelling the hangry.


Bishop Burger Combo$6.95
Double Bishop Burger Combo$8.20
Cheese Burger Combo$7.20
Double Cheese Burger Combo$9.20
Black Bean Burger Combo$8.70
ABC Burger Combo$9.45
Beyond Bishop Burger Combo$11.35
Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich Combo (Home fries and 16 oz. coffee)$8.25
Combo includes fries, or whole fruit and a beverage

Street Tacos x2 Combo$7.45
Burrito Combo$9.95
Grande Burrito Combo$11.95
Breakfast Burrito Combo$7.45
Breakfast Burrito Grande Combo$8.95
Combo includes chips and a beverage
Breakfast combo includes breakfast chips and a 16 oz. coffee

Chicken Strip Combo (4 Chicken Strips)$9.20
ABC Burger Combo$10.70
Western Burger Combo$10.70
Campus Market Cheeseburger Combo$8.55
Campus Market Burger Combo$8.15
Combo includes fries, or whole fruit and fountain beverage for additional
BBQ Wednesday combo includes a 12 oz. can of soda for additional$1.00

Lucy’s Combo - Lucy’s bar and whole fruit$2.95

BYO Salad/Wrap with 2 base and 1 premium toppings$10.50
Superfood Salad/Wrap$12.50
Combo includes choice of chips, a baguette, or whole fruit and fountain drink

Pizza Combo - Two slices of pizza and a beverage$7.95
Specialty Pizza Combo - Two slices of pizza and a beverage$8.95
Pasta Bowl w/breadstick and a beverage$9.95
Specialty Pasta - Shrimp or chicken pasta and a beverage$12.50
Specialty Pasta - Buffalo chicken mac & cheese and a beverage$12.50

Gyro Wrap and Beverage$8.75
Chicken Shawarma Wrap and Beverage$8.75
Falafel Wrap and Beverage$9.25

Burger Combo$9.45
Cheeseburger Combo$10.45
Chicken Combo 3 pcs$8.50
Combo includes fries and a beverage

Breakfast combo includes whole fruit and a fountain beverage or 16 oz. drip coffee in addition to the cost of any breakfast sandwich$2.95
Lunch combo includes two deli sides and a fountain beverage in addition to the cost of the sandwich$2.95