Choose Well

Choose Well
A nutrition program to make eating healthy easier

College life is all about learning. The experiences don’t end when you leave the classroom, and eating on campus is no exception. Students are now in control and have the freedom to make their own decisions, healthy or not. Research shows when you eat well, you perform better academically, socially and have a more positive college experience.

However, making healthy choices isn’t always easy or obvious. That’s where Campus Dining’s Choose Well program comes in. Developed with student input, and the creativity of our culinary team, Choose Well makes eating healthy on campus a little easier.

Super Foods

Super Food Tastings

Campus Dining is featuring different superfoods (foods that are nutritionally dense and good for your health) every month in recipes across campus. It is also offering free tastings once a month at Red Radish.

Choose Well Ambassador

Choose Well Ambassador

Some healthy food choices are obvious, others, not so much. The Choose Well Ambassadors, the students in the green blazers, are here to help. They can point you in the direction of the healthy options at 805 Kitchen, The Ave and Campus Market during lunch and dinner.

Lunch Buffets & Boxed Lunches

Stealth Health

Stealth Health is a critical component of Campus Dining’s Choose Well program. We know you want to eat healthily. We also know that sometimes you want to eat french fries with ranch dressing. And sometimes you just want to enjoy your meal without worrying if it is healthy or not. Stealth Health is Campus Dining’s way of baking healthy into meals. For example, we look for ways to reduce fat, added sugars and sodium in our recipes. We incorporate more whole grain choices on our menus from whole-wheat buns and tortillas to brown rice and quinoa. We also make sure to offer fruits and vegetables at all meal times and have them readily available as snacks.

Vegan and Vegetarian icons

Making Informed Choices

In order to make healthy food choices easier, Campus Dining’s nutrition staff teamed up with a Cal Poly engineering student and built a comprehensive interactive nutrition calculator. This tool is accessed through the Campus Dining website and provides ingredients, nutrition and common allergen information on all Campus Dining options. Nutritional identifiers on all Campus Dining menus are another way students can make informed decisions.

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