Nutrition Education Resources

Want to learn more about the foods you eat?

Here are some helpful food and health resources!

Choose My Plate

USDA's website for food and nutrition resources and education.

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Mini Fridge Makeover**

U10 healthy choices to keep in your dorm mini-fridge

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Be Choosy in the Dining Hall

10 tips for healthy eating in the dining hall

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Smart Shopping for Veggies & Fruits

10 tips for affordable vegetables and fruits

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Options for Athletes

Dietitian-approved options and healthful tips for athletes

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Healthy Eating for Dorm Living

Just because you live in a dorm doesn’t mean you have to jeopardize your health

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Campus Resources

Campus Dining Wellness Office

Counseling Services

  • Open Monday - Friday (visit website for specific hours)
  • Building 27, Room 136
  • (805) 756-2511

Health Services

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