Campus Dining COVID-19 Response

Campus Dining COVID-19 Response

Campus Dining is committed to caring for the health and well-being of the campus community and playing a constructive role in supporting Cal Poly. As COVID-19 began to impact California, Campus Dining was prepared, ensuring the right plans and resources were in place. Its actions are guided by the university, which is following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local public health authorities. Campus Dining has increased cleaning and sanitizing of all its venues to help prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, it has taken many other precautions in preparation for COVID-19 to keep the Cal Poly community safe and well. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to ease concerns.

Why isn’t Campus Dining accepting cash at any of its venues?

It is with an abundance of caution and with the health and welfare of our staff in mind that Campus Dining is no longer accepting cash payment. At this time all purchases must be made through the Grubhub app. Grubhub uses credit cards and dining dollars for students on Dining Plans. Campus Dining will be covering the .29 cent transaction charge throughout spring quarter.

When will Dining Plan refunds be issued?

Dining Plan refunds will start to be issued in early May for all students who have completed the cancelation process.

What is Campus Dining doing to limit the spread of germs?

Campus Dining is temporarily pausing the use of reusable bottles at its hydration stations inside 805 Kitchen as well as at campus Starbucks, Julian’s and Jamba locations. It is also halting the use of personal containers for bulk bin items at Campus and Village markets. It has replaced reusable cutlery with single-use recyclable utensils and changed 805 Kitchen from self-serve to served-for-you. To eliminate crowding, Campus Dining has canceled all of its events including all Chef’s Tables, FYUL Good Mondays, Free Tastings and Love Campus Dining Pop Ups.

How is Campus Dining encouraging protective behaviors?

Campus Dining has posted signage at all venues reminding customers if they touch a cup or bowl to place it in the bus tray for dishwashing. It also provides customers gloves to wear when making their selections at salad bars. Messages about social distancing, hand washing and other preventative practices appear regularly on Campus Dining communication channels. For a list of tips, please visit

What will Campus Dining do for isolated or quarantined students?

Campus Dining’s main concern is for the welfare of the campus community and is prepared to support it throughout the COVID-19 situation. Working with its university partners, Campus Dining has a plan to feed students in the event they have contracted COVID-19 and are in isolation on campus. If the university decides to close campus, it has a plan to address the food needs of the student residents who are in self-quarantine or still living in dorms.

Now that spring term has moved fully virtual, can I cancel my Dining Plan and get a refund?

Yes, students will be refunded for the unused portion of their spring term dining dollars. Students should cancel their Dining Plans in their Housing Portal. When a student cancels their Housing, their Dining Plan will also be canceled. We are working on the logistics for refunds and will notify students when we have more specific information. Students who cancel their dining plan in their Housing Portal between March 9 - April 5 will not be required to give the standard 30-days’ notice.

If I cancel my Dining Plan, what will happen to my fall and winter quarter rollover dining dollars?

For students who cancel their Dining Plans, their rollover dining dollars from fall and winter quarters will stay on their account and be available to spend through the 2020-2021 academic year. Students who use their dining dollars at the new Vista Grande Dining Complex in 2020-2021 will receive a 20% discount on all their purchases.

If I withdraw from classes will I get a refund on my dining plan?

Students withdrawing from spring classes can cancel their Dining Plans in their Housing Portal. When a student cancels their Housing, their Dining Plan will also be canceled. They will be refunded for the unused portion of their spring term dining dollars. Students who cancel between March 9 - April 5 will not be required to give the standard 30-days’ notice.

With 805 Kitchen closed, can I get a refund for my Gold Plate meals?

Yes, students, faculty and staff will be refunded for their unused Gold Plate meals. They must email [email protected] and request a refund. The usual $25 cancellation charge will be waived. If no action is taken, Gold Plate balances will automatically roll over to the 2020-21 academic year to be used at the new Vista Grande Dining Complex, where Gold Plate members will receive a 10% discount on purchases.

What will Campus Dining do if the situation changes?

Campus Dining is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is prepared to modify operations with options to continue to support the campus community. This means that as Campus Dining navigates the COVID-19 situation it may adapt the venue experience, limiting seating to improve social distancing, enabling mobile order-only scenarios for pickup via the GrubHub app and moving to all to-go options.