Campus Express

The Smart Way to Shop on Campus.

When you join Cal Poly as a student, faculty member, or staff employee, you are automatically set up with an account. All value added to your account is stored on your PolyCard (campus ID) and can be used to purchase food, clothing, printing, supplies, and more on campus.

Account Benefits

  1. You only need one card to shop on campus
  2. It’s easier than using cash or credit cards
  3. Adding value online is quick and easy
  4. Security features are in place for your protection
  5. Campus Express dollars carry over year to year until you leave campus
  6. Perfect for busy students

Campus Express is the perfect tool for new students learning to live on a budget. It’s a great way for parents to allocate funds and allowances to purchase books, school supplies, toiletries, snacks, and other things sold on campus. It cannot be used for online purchases. The program is set up as a declining account. There is no minimum or maximum amount.

Add Campus Express funds now