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Community Memberships FAQ

What are Community Memberships?

Community Memberships are simple, low-cost plans that make it easy for students, faculty and staff to access delicious and healthful food and snacks during busy days on campus. These memberships offer Bonus Dollars at all Campus Dining venues and can be easily recharged in $25 increments.

What is the difference between Poly 250 and Poly Grub?

The Poly 250 membership offers students, faculty and staff $250 Dining Dollars to spend on campus with bonus dining dollars. The Poly Grub membership costs $250, up to $100 of which can be spent off campus through Grub Hub.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars can be used for purchasing food items at all Campus Dining restaurants, food trucks and markets, including Subway, Shake Smart and Starbucks. They cannot be used for gratuities or to purchase gift cards, clothing, school supplies, mugs, coffee makers and similar non-food merchandise. Dining Dollars are allocated following the completion of the purchase anytime during the regular academic year and expire at the end of spring quarter, unless a 2022-23 Community Membership is purchased by June 20,2022 and maintained for the 2022-23 academic year.

What is the Beverage Club?

The Beverage Club offers a reusable Cal Poly tumbler loaded with 165 fills that can be used for any fountain beverage from Coke Freestyle fountain drink machines all day, every day. Coke Freestyle fountain drink machines are available in Campus Market, Market Grand Ave, and the second floor of Vista Grande and are coming soon to Market Poly Canyon and Market UU.

What is the Coffee Club?

The Coffee Club offers $300 in handcrafted, brewed coffee or tea drinks every day at any of the coffee locations including Starbucks, Scout Coffee Co., Einstein Bros. Bagels, and Julians Cafe. Bottled drinks are not covered in the Coffee Club.

What are Bonus Dollars?

Bonus Dollars are included in all Dining Memberships except PolyGrub. True to their name, Bonus Dollars are extra Dining Dollars to spend at Campus Dining venues. The amount of Bonus Dollars varies per membership. The top membership receives a 16 percent bonus and the other four memberships receive a 10 percent bonus. For example, the Poly 1503 plan comes with an additional 10 percent of the plan cost. The Plan Cost is $1,503, and 10 percent of that is $150. So, you pay $1,503 and you get $1,653 Dining Dollars. Bonus Dollars are redeemed after Dining Dollars are depleted and are not refundable if the plan is canceled

What happens to my unused Dining Dollars if I don’t use them by the end of the quarter?

Unused Dining Dollars roll over to the next quarter through the end of the academic year. Funds remaining at the end of the spring quarter are forfeited unless a Community Dining Membership is purchased for the 2022-23 academic year and maintained.

If I run out of Dining Dollars can I add more to my membership?

Yes, you can always recharge your membership in $25 increments.

How do I check my account balance?

Simply swipe your PolyCard (student/employee ID) at the register of any Campus Dining operation to view your current balance or view the information online through your Cal Poly Portal and the Polycard services link.

Can I cancel my plan?

The Poly 504, 1008, 1503 and 2250 can be canceled. Bonus Dollars and any dining dollars that rolled over from a previous academic year are not refundable if the plan is canceled. To cancel a plan, fill out this form to get started.

Where can I find nutritional information about campus foods?

Campus Dining has created a comprehensive program of information, resources and support tools. Our comprehensive online nutrition calculator list ingredients, nutrition facts, food allergy support information, and much more

Where do I go to make a payment?

Log into your Cal Poly portal and access the payment information through the Money Matters tab.

Does the State subsidize Campus Dining food services?

Campus Dining does not receive any subsidies from the State for food services. Campus Dining is a commercial division of Cal Poly Corporation, a nonprofit auxiliary organization. The corporation supports the university in achieving its educational mission through a variety of vital, quality services.

What should I do if my PolyCard malfunctions, is lost, or stolen?

If the magnetic strip appears to have lost its encoding, please request assistance from ITS Service Desk via their online Support Center. If your PolyCard has been lost or stolen, you can deactivate it through the Cal Poly Portal, using the PolyCard Services link under MyApps. To maintain a PolyCard, keep it away from magnetic fields such as those created by a TV, stereo, microwave, or magnetic clasps of wallets and purses. Heat, water, and eelskin can also corrupt the magnetic stripe and render the card unreadable. The PolyCard must be readable by Campus Dining’s cash registers for a purchase to be completed.