Good for freshmen and the earth

Campus Dining understands that first-year students don’t always have time to enjoy a sit down meal at 805 Kitchen, our residential dining hall. That’s why we created Eco To-Go, a convenient and eco-friendly program that allows first-year students on a dining plan to grab a delicious meal and take it with them. As part of their dining plan, all freshmen living on campus are entitled to one reusable container for free, which they can use to fill up on their favorite 805 Kitchen fare. The next time they visit, they can trade in their used container for a clean one to take another delicious meal to-go. With this program, busy first year students can fuel up while reducing their ecological “foodprint,” keeping packaging out of the landfill. It’s a win-win.

Here's how the program works:


Hungry and in a hurry? Pick up your Eco To-Go container from the cashier at 805 Kitchen. Leave your PolyCard with the cashier so you can fill up your container.


Make your food choices. You have 5 minutes, so have an idea what you are craving. We publish 805 Kitchen menus daily here. If you take longer than 5 minutes, it is assumed you ate your meal on the premises and you will be charged for a second meal.


When you are done filling your container, return to the cashier and retrieve your PolyCard. You will be charged for the meal as per usual.


Double check to make sure your container lid is closed tightly. A loose lid makes for a bad day.


The next time you want food from 805 Kitchen, bring back your used container and exchange it for a clean one. If you lose or forget your Eco To-Go box, you can purchase one for $4. Sorry, no other containers may be used as a substitute.


This program is included in the Student Dining Plan cost, and subsequently, it is not available for freshmen living off campus, upperclassmen, faculty, staff or visitors.