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for Students, Faculty, and Staff

19 Metro Fast Pass is a convenient and easy way to save if you are eating on campus or want to supplement your Freshman dining plan. You can buy blocks of meals and save up to 40% of the regular meal at our all-you-care-to-eat restaurant, 19 Metro.

2016/17 Fast Passes Expire June 16, 2017

19 Metro Fast Passes purchased now will be for the Academic Year 2016/17 and expire after June 16, 2017.

Make sure you’re logged in to your Cal Poly Portal, otherwise you will be asked to sign in before proceeding

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Day Passes

Use during Breakfast/Lunch from 9:30AM - 4:00PM at 19 Metro (Passes expire June 16, 2017)

# of MealsFast Pass PriceCost Per MealSavings*
10 Lunch Passes$67.50$6.75**Save 33%**
20 Lunch Passes$120$6.00**Save 40%**
* % off the regular retail price of $10.25 at 19 Metro

Day and Night Passes

Use meals during all meal periods at 19 Metro (Passes expire June 16, 2017). Regular retail price is $10.25

# of Meals & Plu$Block PriceAverage Cost/Meal
40 Meals & $50 Plu$*$360**Only $7.75/meal** + $50 to spend at any dining location on campus!
80 Meals & $100 Plu$*$620Only $6.50/meal + $100 to spend at any dining location on campus!
120 Meals & $100 Plu$*$820**Only $6.00/meal** + $100 to spend at any dining location on campus!
* Plu$ Dollars: Dollar- for-dollar declining balance account that may be used for dining/food purchases all over campus at any time.

Load up on savings with 19 Metro Fast Pass and more: