FYUL Good Mondays

Campus Dining is excited to introduce FYUL Good Mondays at 805 Kitchen. It's a great way to start the week with foods packed with health benefits to support your lifestyle. What we use to fuel and power our bodies are some of the most impactful choices we make and FYUL Good Mondays aim to make those choices easier. Drop by 805 Kitchen and enjoy FYUL foods that feature functional benefits to improve clarity, energy, immunity support or healthy skin. Don't forget to check out our free samples from 12 – 2 p.m in the 805 Cafe and discover the health benefits of free. See below the schedule for FYUL foods featured.

FYUL Schedule

13 Jan Recovery Pineapple
03 Feb Heart Healthy Almond Coffee Overnight Oats
02 Mar Immunity Lemon Cashew Turmeric Energy Balls

Look for these helpful symbols

Simple ingredients. Everything is made from scratch.Lean protein, good fat and fiber provide balanced nutrients for energy.
Grown, raised and harvested to support sustainability in our planet.Carbohydrates and proteins give muscles the fuel to recover after working hard.
Antioxidants, good fats and fluids help to keep skin hydrated & protected from damagePromotes good healthy and aids in muscle recovery and growth.
Anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants can help boost the body’s immunityNatural sources of caffeine, and some spices, can support mental focus