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Joining Our Dynamic Team

Campus Dining employs approximately 1500 people, including about 1100 students each year, and operates 19 restaurants and markets across the Cal Poly campus. The work is dynamic and fast-paced, including a high volume of transactions and large production. It takes energy and a sturdy pair of shoes to serve 20,000 guests every day.

Campus Dining is a part of the Cal Poly Corporation, a self-supporting independent non-profit organization. It’s the corporation’s mission to support the university in its academic mission and food service is a very important part of that mission. Campus Dining’s role is to make sure students get the food they need to do their very best in school. We do this by providing delicious, quality food and friendly service.

We know happy employees make happy customers. So we strive to maintain an environment where employees enjoy coming to work every day.

Join the Cal Poly Campus Dining Team

The Opportunities Available

Campus Dining offers employment opportunities across our departments including:

Join the Cal Poly Campus Dining Team

The Kind of People We are Seeking

Campus Dining seeks the most qualified individual to fill each job opening. We also look for people who have flexibility in their schedules. Campus Dining hours are varied and support the university’s academic calendar, and there are some jobs available during breaks and summer. Campus Dining is a great place for students to work, as well as retirees and other non-students seeking part time opportunities (who we call intermittent employees). It is also a great place for people with a positive attitude.

Join the Cal Poly Campus Dining Team

The benefits of working with us

Working at Campus Dining offers flexible hours at our many locations. Students can work up to 20 hours a week on campus, saving lots of time for class, studying and life. We understand that your time is valuable and are happy to work with you to create a reasonable and flexible schedule. The other benefits include:

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Free Meals

Free meals with each shift of 4 hours or more. Not only does Campus Dining pay you for your hard work, we also want to make sure that you are eating well.

Competitive Pay and Advancement

Pay ranges $10.50-$11 an hour and get Paid Every 2 weeks!

Opportunity for Advancement

Potential to earn raises for each year worked and develop your leadership skills by becoming a student leader.

Build Your Resume

Build your resume and develop professional skills for your future career.

Flexible Dress Code

Free uniform shirt/apron/cap but some flexibility to show some personal flair at work.

Fun and Social Work Environment

Opportunity to meet a cross section of the Cal Poly community.

Convenient Locations

Across campus a number of places close to home or class.

No Experience Necessary

Build your resume and develop professional skills for your future career.

Other Perks

Free uniform shirt/apron/cap but some flexibility to show some personal flair at work

Regular-Benefited Staff Employment Opportunities

To view job postings and/or apply for any regular-benefited position at Campus Dining, please visit the Cal Poly Corporation Employment Opportunities website at Only job seekers who complete an application online will be considered for employment. The Cal Poly Corporation offers generous benefits including paid vacation and holidays, sick leave, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and a retirement program.

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