Building a better bigger tastier comfier greenerdining experience

New Dining Complex - Capital Campaign

Building a better dining experience

At the end of the 2015-16 academic year, Cal Poly Corporation’s master plan for Campus Dining will get underway with the closure of Vista Grande and development of a new state-of-the-art dining complex to replace the existing 43-year-old facility. Conceived to address the growing needs of the campus for on-trend dining options, this complex was planned based on research and analysis of the latest culinary concepts and campus community input. The new three-story dining complex will feature six micro-restaurants with exhibition-style cooking along with increased seating and lounge space. All of this will be encompassed in a modern building that boasts LEED certification for sustainable, resource-efficient design. With an expected completion time of just over two years and a cost of approximately $30 million, Campus Dining plans to open the new Vista Grande Dining Complex in fall of 2018.

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Bigger Spaces

New Dining Complex - Capital Campaign - Bigger

When Vista Grande closes this summer, the current structure will be demolished to make room for a new three-story complex that is better positioned to meet the growing needs of the campus for residential and retail dining. The new location will consist of six different micro-restaurants, allowing for a wide variety of dining options that will help to accommodate the increasing number of students and faculty at Cal Poly. The facility will feature an open floor plan with a variety of seating and lounge options, including a large outdoor patio space. Guided by President Armstrong’s Vision 2022, the new Vista Grande Dining Complex will be a vital resource for Cal Poly students now and in the future.

Tastier Options

New Dining Complex - Capital Campaign - Tastier

The Cal Poly community’s desire for fresh, delicious, made-to-order food options is a fundamental component of Campus Dining’s master plan. Vista Grande’s six micro-restaurants will each focus on a unique culinary niche and will feature a variety of customizable food options. These restaurants will put an emphasis on nutritious food that is sustainably sourced and include Cal Poly products when available.

Comfier Surroundings

New Dining Complex - Capital Campaign - Comfier

For future Cal Poly students, the Vista Grande Dining Complex will be the premier place on campus to relax and socialize. The new facility won’t just be bigger; it will feature a modern design with cozy indoor and outdoor seating areas to provide a comfortable place for students to gather. With over twice the space as the current Vista Grande Café, the new complex will have extensive patio seating areas, lounge chairs and outdoor fire pits to create an atmosphere never before experienced on campus. Inside, lounge areas, game tables and expanded seating will allow students to put down their books and socialize. The new Vista Grande Dining Complex will be the leading dining destination for the Cal Poly residential neighborhood, as well as Cal Poly students as a whole. The new complex won’t just be a place for students to eat; it will be a social hub.

Greener Facilites

New Dining Complex - Capital Campaign - Greener

The new dining complex will be a symbol of Cal Poly’s commitment to sustainability. By building facilities to LEED certification standards, the new complex will be environmentally conscious, focusing on water and energy conservation. Large windows, low-flow taps and energy efficient design will play a major role in keeping the building’s carbon footprint low.

A taste of things to come.

New Dining Complex - Capital Campaign - Transition Plan

For Fall of 2016, Campus Dining will be updating several of its current dining locations as a part of a transition plan to provide plenty of dining options while Vista Grande is under construction. These updates will focus on renovating current facilities to increase dining capacity and updating various food concepts. The goal is to provide a variety of options that are convenient for students, faculty and staff while the Vista Grande Dining Complex is off-line.

The Avenue. Your new late-night spot.

During the new Vista Grande Dining Complex construction, The Avenue will extend its hours to be the new late-night spot on campus. Campus Dining is currently redesigning the floor plan at The Avenue to change three of the dining options and move the salad bar to make the location more efficient. The plan includes replacing Fusion Bowl with a California-style burger venue, City Deli with a Cal-Mex venue and Tapango’s with an Asian fusion bowl venue. The Avenue will also add another checkout station to make purchasing meals quick and easy. All of these upgrades will be completed before the Fall term to allow an easy transition for incoming students.

A new place to meet and eat in the UU.

As a part of Campus Dining’s summer renovations, the Ciao! restaurant name will go away, but the delicious pizza the campus loves will remain. The new venue will feature beer and wine for those over 21 and an enhanced menu, making it a comfortable, social gathering place that embodies the Mustang spirit. This new venue will also be accessible to Mustang Lanes, making it a great place to meet friends for food and fun.

Food trucks. We’re on a roll.

To provide more dining options, Campus Dining is adding two food trucks to service different areas of campus throughout the day. One of the trucks will be for serving meals on the go, and another will be a Starbucks© branded truck, focused on refueling students with quick drinks and snacks. These trucks will operate much like Curbside Grill, Cal Poly’s original food truck, and will be trackable via a Twitter hashtag.

Campus Market. Always convenient, now even more so.

Campus Market is getting a layout redesign, making it easier to get in and out on the go. Beyond the redesign, this busy campus hub will provide an enhanced product mix including fresh, whole foods and Cal Poly products. These fresh offerings will be available front and center in the store for added convenience.

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