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Eat Well. Choose Well.

College life is all about learning. The experiences don’t end when you leave the classroom and eating on campus is no exception. You are now in control and have the freedom to make decisions independently, whether they are healthy or not. Research shows when you eat well, you perform better academically and socially and have a more positive college experience.

However, making healthy choices isn’t always easy or obvious. That’s where Campus Dining’s Choose Well program comes in. It was developed using student input, guidance from our Registered Dietitian and the collaboration and creativity of our culinary team to make eating healthy simpler. The program includes forward-thinking initiatives such as stealth health and events like Meatless Mondays and super food of the month. Together, these activities make learn by eating not only healthful but delicious.

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Super Foods

Unfortunately, superfoods (foods that are nutritionally dense and good for your health) don’t wear capes. It would be so much easier to identify them. To help spot these foods that provide health benefits beyond standard nutrients into your diet, Campus Dining is featuring a superfood every month at our salad bars at 805 Kitchen, the Avenue and Campus Market. Also, our Registered Dietitian along with our culinary staff are giving demonstrations on how to incorporate these high-functioning foods in a fun and informative way.

Stealth Health

Stealth Health

Stealth Health is a critical component of Campus Dining’s Choose Well program. We know you want to eat healthily, but not all the time. After all, sometimes you just want to eat french fries. We also know that sometimes you just want to enjoy your meal without worrying if it is healthy or not. Stealth Health is Campus Dining’s way of baking in health into meals. For example, we look for ways to reduce fat, added sugars and sodium in our recipes. We incorporate more whole grain choices on our menus from whole-wheat buns and tortillas to brown rice and quinoa. We also make sure to offer fruits and vegetables at all meal times and have them readily available as snacks.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

We heard from students that they wanted to commit to reducing their “foodprint.” That is, reducing the ecological impact of their dining habits. As a result, every Monday at 805 Kitchen, Campus Dining is going completely meatless and featuring delicious plant-based dining options and sustainably caught fish. We are excited to join this national movement and proud of our students in supporting it. With going meatless, you are doing right by the environment. You are also doing right by your body. It is a healthy way to begin your week with more vegetables.

Nutrition Calculator

Another important part of the Choose Well program is our nutrition calculator. The Campus Dining nutrition staff teamed up with a Cal Poly engineering student to build a comprehensive Nutrition Calculator. It brings together the nutritional information of all items on campus to help students find what they exactly need in one place and to know what’s the nutritional facts of what they are eating.

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Meet Megan Coats, Registered Dietitian

From Seattle, Washington, Megan attended Washington State University (WSU) where she achieved her undergraduate degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and credentials as a registered dietitian. Most recently, Megan worked in food service for a school district where she supervised 140 employees in a child nutrition department and oversaw meal services at 26 schools. She worked closely with the food service staff and students to develop recipes and healthy food options for students with dietary restrictions. Megan also has a background in the clinical setting, nutrition education and support. Megan looks forward to providing students and staff with quality information that empowers them to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

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