Nutrition Calculator Help

  1. Main Screen - The main screen shows the nutrition information for each menu item based on serving size. Click on the expand icon to view a full ingredients list. Click the Add button on menu item(s) to build your nutrition total.
  2. Entries - The entries lets you expand the number of products visible per page.
  3. Search - The search lets you search for specific menu item(s).
  4. My Nutrition - The My Nutrition section shows the total nutrient profile of the selected menu items that you added to the "My Plate".
  5. My Plate - The My Plate is a running list of menu items you add from the food options. Click the delete button to remove items from your plate.
  6. Filter By Preferences - The Filter by Preference allows you to view menu items by dietary preferences.
  7. Filter By Nutrients - The Filter by Nutrients allows you to view menu items by specific nutrient categories.

Calculator not working or don't want to use it?

Visit the simple nutrition data listings for a listing of all nutrition data.