Our Commitment to Sustainable Dining

As one of the largest commercial services at Cal Poly, Campus Dining strives to lessen the university's environmental impact with programs, products and services that reduce the campus’s overall ecological “foodprint.” Our sustainability efforts are focused around four key areas:

Food Sustainability Waste Stream Management Water and Energy Conservation Green Buildings and Transportation

winnter best practice award


In order to make healthy food choices easier, Campus Dining’s nutrition staff teamed up with a Cal Poly engineering student and built a comprehensive interactive nutrition calculator. This tool is accessed through the Campus Dining website and provides ingredients, nutrition and common allergen information on all Campus Dining options. Nutritional identifiers on all Campus Dining menus are another way students can make informed decisions.

View the Nutrition Calculator

Sustainability Scorecard

In 2017, Campus Dining was honored with a Best Practice Award in Sustainable Food Systems from the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. We received this honor for our efforts to increase food sustainability through procurement, production and waste practices, as well as for our work to build partnerships across campus and in the community through outreach and education. As our momentum builds we search for new and creative ways to improve our processes and how we do things.

  • 90.9 cage-free eggs
  • 100 rbgh-free milk
  • 100 rbgh-free yogurt
  • 99.7 reduced antibiotic chicken
  • 95.2 reduced antibiotic turkey

How can you reduce your environmental impact?


Eat local. More than 100+ local and organic products are sold on campus.


Make a grocery list before shopping to prevent food waste.


Pack your snacks in mason jars to reduce packaging.


Landfill? Compost? Recycle? When in doubt, recycle.


Make sure to bring your water bottle and use the campus water stations.

Sustainable Dining


For assistance or questions, please contact:

Campus Dining
Phone: (805) 756-5939

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